About Us

Andrew McLean has experience ranging from Project Management to Sales and Contract Administration. Andrew has successfully completed an Advanced Diploma of Fire Technology where he majored in Electrical and Mechanical Systems for Building Services. Andrew has also worked with Tyco International in London as an Electrical Building Services Technician. Due to Andrew's contractual experience, his role will not only revolve around Sales/Services Manager but will also focus on Business Management and Business Development. Andrew has illustrated enthusiasm and willingness to set policies in place to allow Automatic Entry to develop into a market leader.

John Simpson's experience in garage doors and automation is extensive and varied. John went straight into the industry after completing secondary school and joined the family business. As the son of the General Manager of Steel-Line Garage Doors and Boss Remote Controls, John has been involved in teh manufacturing, installation and soles of market products. John previously worked in Queensland on the porduction line before moving back to Melbourne to become an installer. John did this for 4 years and also ran his own small door business on the side. Joshn then moved to Noosa where he was a very successful Sales Rep. John has also previously managed and co-ordinated a small team which has greatly benefited whilst running Automatic Entry. John's roles in Automatic Entry is Operations Manager, predominately focusing on mechanical operations as well as organisation and company procedures. John's expertise in this field guarantee Andrew and John a successful venture ahead.